How Effective is Hydro-Jetting?

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November 8, 2019
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noworriesrooter hydro-jetting

noworriesrooter hydro-jetting

Hydro-jetting? What the heck is it? To put it in an easy way, it is power-washing for your pipes that are clogged, dirty, and corroded. Hydro-jetting is commonly used to remove a variety of debris in homes and commercial water lines. It is also a method that is commonly used in the food industry, which makes sense. The water pressure can be as high as 60,000 PSI! You heard that right, that is pretty powerful stuff. Now that you heard all this, think about your dirty pipes. Gross, probably should clean it out. Like for reals, go clean it! Not sure if you should stick to snaking or hydro-jetting? Don’t worry, we will help you figure it out (the answer is hydro-jetting).


  • It is a commonly tried method: It works most of the time and gets the job done. We know that because plumbers have been using it forever.
  • Easy on pipes: If you have fragile or sensitive pipes, this is a good way to go.
  • Gets rid of minor clogs: If it is a small or minor clog in the pipes, snaking can tackle that easily for you.
The real downside to snaking is that this is not a permanent job. It is a temporary fix, meaning you will have to get it fixed again. How irritating, right? Now that you have gotten yourself a new water heater, it is important to know how to maintain it. You want to keep the water heater for the long run so small checks here and there will be useful.


  • Clears out the pipe walls: It will get rid of any grease, minerals, and more. Cleans out the grease and pipe-wall build-up, as well.
  • Fast clearing: The clogs will be cleaned out quickly due to the high-water pressure.
  • No more dangerous blocks: Any serious blockage including tree roots can all be cleared out with the pressurized water. So you do not have to worry!
  • It is economical: This method will reduce your sewer services expenses in the long run.
Compared to a typical snaking the blockage will be cleared out for around 4 times longer! However, if you have really old and fragile pipes, hydro-jetting can damage your pipes. So just double-check with a professional if you are not too sure about the pipes you have. Are you convinced to give hydro-jetting a go yet? No? Alright, let us tell you more about hydro-jetting. It works on many pipelines and not only that but it is also safe! You guessed it! It works on: steel pipe, cast iron pipe, clay pipe, cement sewer lines, and more. Also, it is chemical-free and will not damage the inside of your pipes! How effective is it? To simply answer this, VERY. With all of the advantages it has, it is quite effective:
  • Can fit into thin pipes as 1 ½” diameter to as wide as 4’ diameter
  • Due to the water pressure, it can easily get rid of all tough cloggings and dangerous blockages inside.
  • Hydro-jetting gets to the roots of the problem so you do not have any other grease and build-up to worry about.
  • Can resolve minor plumbing issues in pipes before they go out of control, creating a bigger issue.
Hydro-jetting is effective and better for you in the long-run. It is going to clean out the pipes for a long period and will make you financially happy since you do not need to constantly clean or fix the pipes. If you’re unsure about pipes being too old, you can always call a plumbing company like No Worries Rooter, to come to check it out for you!

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