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Your Home Is A Valuable Asset

For many people, their home is their most important and valuable asset. But how do you protect it? One way is by joining our Total Care Club and receiving the best plumbing service in the Phoenix area. As a member you’ll receive our whole home 35-point plumbing inspection each year, preferred pricing, priority scheduling and more. No Worries Rooter’s Total Care Club can help you live comfortably, save money and ensure your plumbing system runs flawlessly and efficiently. Best of all, it’s more affordable than you think!  Give us a call at 480-788-2564 and find out how to get in the club today.  

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What Plumbing Service Looks Like With Our Total Care Club

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    35-Point Plumbing Inspection

    We’ve got you covered with a 35-Point Plumbing Inspection. From sinks to main lines, No Worries Rooter will inspect the plumbing in your home to ensure your comfort, health, and security.

    Following are just a few of our inspection points:
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    • Inspect Water Heater for signs of Corrosion
    • Check Temperature of Water Heater
    • Inspect Emergency Shutoff to Water Heater
    • Sediment Flush the Water Heater
    • Check P-Traps in Bathrooms
    • Check P-Traps in Kitchen
    • Check Flappers on Toilets
    • Inspect Toilet Ball Cocks
    • Check Flow Rate on Toilet Jetters
    • Inspect Pressure Relief Valve on Water Heater
    • Inspect Tub & Shower Fixtures
    • Inspect Sink Fixtures
    • Inspect All Angle Stops
    • Check All Supply Lines
    • Test the Sewer Flow
    • Water Quality Test 
    • Check Emergency Shut Off to House
    • Check Incoming City Pressure to House